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Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Recycle


Rethink your family's habits. Everything that we give to the garbage collector ends up in a landfill. When you go to the trash can, ask yourself if what you're throwing away is really trash or if there is a better way to dispose of it. Throw away as little as possible by reducing, reusing and recycling. These practices save money, energy and the planet.

Rethink the products your family buys; use things that have less impact on the environment. For example, use biodegradable soaps when possible.

If something can't be reused or recycled, do your best to recover it from the waste stream.

If your yard is suitable and if your neighborhood allows, consider composting organic materials such as leaves and grass cuttings. Composting keeps these materials out of landfills where they break down more slowly. Composting also provides you great fertilizer for free.

In the end, the less stuff that ends up in the trash can, the better.

Follow these tips and you'll be well on your way to Saving the Planet and Beating the Bandit!






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