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Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Recycle


Buy things that can be used over and over again instead of just once or twice.

Use washable cloth towels instead of disposable paper towels and paper napkins.
Use washable dishes and utensils instead of disposable items.

Buy one reusable camera instead of many disposable cameras.

Reuse shopping bags or buy your own reusable shopping bags. An added benefit is that mesh or nylon shopping bags can hold a lot more than regular plastic shopping bags--just be sure to wash them regularly.

Reuse disposable containers like milk jugs, drink bottles and plastic storage containers.

Use rechargeable batteries.
Reuse wrapping paper for gifts.

Donate things such as magazines, old clothes or used appliances to schools or libraries or charities that can use the items.

If old clothes are too worn to donate, cut them up and use them as rags.

Pack your sandwich for lunch in a reusable plastic box instead of a baggie.

When something breaks, try to repair it before replacing it.

Reuse items such as gift bags, grocery bags and gift wrapping paper.






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