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Where Does All the Garbage Go?

What happens when we throw that soda can away? When you throw something away, it enters what is called the waste stream. Most of what is thrown in the trash can goes straight to the end of the waste steam--a landfill. A landfill is a big place where they bury trash. Some trash is incinerated, which means that it is burned.

Landfills and incineration both have their drawbacks. Landfills often leak, resulting in ground water pollution. When ground water is polluted, it hurts animals, plants and even pollutes our drinking water. And landfills take up a lot of land. When one is full, another one must be opened. And who wants a landfill in their back yard?!

Incineration creates air pollution because when trash is burned, it can release harmful chemicals into the air.

So, if you throw that soda can in the trash, it contributes to more pollution and more landfills. But we're also throwing away something else along with the soda can...

Since it took energy to create everything we're throwing away, we're really throwing away energy when we put something in the garbage can.

When the energy is thrown away, it's lost forever. If you're the person who carries out your family's trash, then you probably know that we throw away a lot of energy!

How can we keep all this energy from being lost forever? Is there a way to save the energy? Can saving this energy help save the planet?

The answer is yes, yes, and yes! By following the 3 Rs, you can save the energy and save the planet.






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