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Energy All Around

It takes energy to do just about everything--from heating food on a stove, to powering a car, to powering you! And it takes energy to create the things that we buy including everything from furniture to food.

Where do we get this energy? It can come from fossil fuels like oil or natural gas, or from water going over a dam or from wind turning a wind turbine or even from sunlight! As energy is used to make the things that we use, pollution is created in the form of air or water pollution.

When we buy something, we use it and get rid of the parts that we don't need--like candy bar wrappers and empty soda cans and used batteries and old busted radios. It took energy to make all those soda cans, and in a way, the energy that created the can is still trapped inside the can. When you finish that soda, you have a choice about what to do with the can. You can throw it away or you can recycle it.

It takes energy to do all almost everything. We use energy to cook the food that gives our bodies energy!






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