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What does a tree trimmer have to do with an electrical engineer who works with the meter reader who knows the pipefitter who once was a carpenter?

There are hundreds of jobs on the operations side of the electric utility industry. Only some are listed in this section. For a more detailed listing, check with your counselor or local librarian for a recent copy of the comprehensive guide to jobs called the OCCUPATIONAL OUTLOOK HANDBOOK.

  1. construction: carpenter, mason, pipefitter, plumber, landscaper.
  2. customer services: appliance repairer, meter reader, home economist, customer services representative.
  3. equipment maintenance: garage mechanic, tractor-trailer driver, automotive engineer.
  4. production: boiler operator, instrument repairer, plant engineer, shift operator, turbine operator.
  5. research: chemist, electrical engineer, instrument technician, metallurgist, physicist.
  6. transmission and distribution: bucket truck operator, rockhole digger, cable splicer, ground helper, lineworker, tree trimmer.



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