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Outdoor Electrical Safety

  1. Remember to seek shelter indoors during thunderstorms. Lightning travels a whole lot faster than you do!

  2. Be careful with ladders when working outside around your home. Avoid touching wires that come into your home (service drops) when painting or pruning.

  3. Keep metal poles used to clean pools or gutters away from overhead power lines.

  4. Remind younger brothers or sisters not to climb trees that reach up into power lines, and that they should keep balloons and kites out of power lines.

  5. Remind your family that when choosing outdoor activities, they should also choose proper equipment. All extension cords, lights, and appliances used outdoors should be labeled for outdoor use.

Remember that electricity is a valuable tool used in work, school and leisure time.

Respect its power and develop good safety habits. Play it SAFE and SMART around electricity.






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