Let's Talk Fun

House of Hazards (Grades 5-7)

Maze (Grades 5-7)

Memory (Grades 5-7)

Electric Turbine (Grades 5-7)

Breaking Blocks (Grades 5-7)

Puzzle (Grades 5-7)


Word Find

Meet Louie






Click on a game, and start playing!

House of Hazards- Can you find 13 electrical hazards in and around this home?



Meter Lab - How much electricity do household appliances use?


Find your way but watch out! It's easy to get lost.
Test your memory in matching the hidden pairs of items
Test your skills in building a turbine!
Keep the ball moving to bust through the defense walls.
Anyone can put together a puzzle. But what about when all the pieces are the same size and shape? Turn and rotate the pieces till you put Louie back together.

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