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Essential Everyone

Jobs in electric utilities vary from company to company, but this section introduces some of the more common ones. This information includes research done on several different utilities, as well as material from the Edison Electric Institute.

Careers in administration include various jobs, such as the following:

  1. accounting and finance: accountant, budget analyst, tax advisor, billing clerk, or cashier.
  2. maintenance and repair: carpenter, mechanic, security guard, plumber, painter.
  3. public relations: artist, graphic designer, speech writer, photographer, tour guide.
  4. environmental : biologist, chemist, ecologist, oceanographer, meteorologist, forester, hydrologist.
  5. employee relations: benefits manager, labor relations specialist, safety specialist, test administrator, psychologist.
  6. marketing: advertising specialist, market analyst, residential marketing specialist, technical services director.
  7. law firms: lawyer, legal secretary, paralegal.
  8. regulatory: rates specialist, economist, research assistant, statistician.

And no matter what the company or the type of output produced, it takes responsible employees who keep offices running like clockwork, who handle payments on customers' bills, who answer inquiries, and who promptly greet customers, to keep the company successful. These essential employees include clerical workers such as filing clerks, mail clerks, receptionists, switchboard operators, word processing specialists.



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