Workplace Safety

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Power Equipment


Working with Power Tools

Whether at home or work, care should be taken when working with electrically-powered tools and appliances. These should be inspected routinely.

• Immediately remove a tool or appliance from service if it causes shocks, smokes, emits strange odors, sparks, or otherwise operates in a suspicious manner.

• Inspect cords for broken or frayed insulation.

• Immediately repair or replace unsafe cords.

• Make sure all three-wired tools and appliances with flexible cords are properly grounded.

• Don't touch any part of an electrically powered tool or appliance which might be energized.

• Turn off power tools and appliances before unplugging; turn switches off before plugging in.

Special safety precautions must be exercised with extension cords. Misuse leads to many electrical accidents.

• Always insure that the amperage rating for an extension cord is greater than or equal to the rating for the tool you will be using. You can determine this by comparing the rating labels on both the cord and the tool you intend to use.

• Do NOT cut off ground prongs. This eliminates the protection grounded cords afford to you.

Also, use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) whenever possible, particularly around water.



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