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Three Big Safety Rules

Remember the "Big Three":

Keep in mind the "Big Three" physical characteristics of electricity.

Electricity attempts to travel to the ground. No matter where it starts, electricity will try to reach the ground.

Lightning can incinerate a huge oak tree with thousands of volts of electricity. That's why you don't want to be standing under that tree in a thunderstorm. Touching a live wire at a service drop on the outside of a house can make your body a sizzling path for electricity to reach the ground.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Electricity will follow any available path. The better the conductor, the faster and more powerful the current. Be respectful of electricity's power.

Electricity travels at the speed of light. Electricity travels at 186,000 miles/299,800 km per second. This is much faster than the human body's reaction time. If your body makes contact with electricity, there is no warning and no time to react.

Be alert and be in control when using electricity.






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