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E-Adventure into the Human Body

Your body is a wonderful machine that you must take care of every day. You need food and water to give you energy and keep you going strong. You have another type of energy in your body as well - electricity!

Your heart has a tiny bit of a special type of electricity that keeps it beating regularly. Sometimes, when people have problems with their hearts, they need a certain miniature battery called a pacemaker. This pacemaker puts out small shocks of electricity to the heart to make it beat at a certain speed. It's amazing what batteries can do!

Your brain has a little bit of electricity in it, too. This electricity helps your ideas jump around from brain cell to brain cell. You've probably got enough electricity skipping around in your brain to light a 15 or 20 watt bulb, about like the one used in your refrigerator. Now you can really say you have a "bright idea"!


Doctors have many ways to use electricity to help keep you well:
The dentist can take an x-ray of your teeth to look for cavities that can't be seen from the outside.
The doctor can take an x-ray of your arm, leg, foot or hand - almost any part of you - to see if you've broken a bone. X-rays use electricity to shoot beams of a certain kind of light through your body. It doesn't hurt! It helps the doctor see a picture of your bone.


Eye doctors use beams of strong light called lasers to treat ailments of the eye. They use lasers to change the roundness of the lens of the eye to help correct the sight for people who can't see things far away.



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