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The Environment

We use energy in many ways. We cook our food on stoves that use natural gas, wood or electricity. We light our houses and run our factories using electricity. In the summer, we use electricity to run fans or air conditioners to cool us. In the winter, we use electricity to power heat pumps or heaters to warm us up. Electricity can be used in many ways to make our lives comfortable, safe and pleasant.

When electricity is made, it is really a special energy that is changed from one energy source to another. Some resources used to make electricity don't have a limited supply: water, wind, and the power of the sun. These are called "renewable resources." Some resources used to make electricity can be used up: coal, oil, and natural gas. These are called "non-renewable resources."

Since some of the resources needed to produce electricity can be all used up one day, electric companies are very careful in using them. They want people to learn to use energy wisely. The companies that make electricity explore new and better ways to produce the energy that makes our lives better.



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